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We hope you find our online resource, RAPID E-Search, to be an easy and convenient way of accessing the information needed from your home or office. Most of the information available through our public access computers in the Rapides Parish Clerk of Court’s (hereinafter referred to as "Clerk of Court") office is accessible from your desktop. Our service will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except for periodic web-site maintenance and our daily 3:00 A. M. backup.

In addition to searches, you can now order redacted copies of the documents through our online RAPID E-Search resource. Simply follow the prompts that appear after completing a search and clicking the image button. After purchase, your copies will be available to print or download for 30 days. Certified copies must be requested in person or by mail. Click HERE for the request form.


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Civil and Probate Suit Inquiry   

October 1984

March 1994

Criminal Inquiry

January 1984

May 2003 Bills of Information

Daily Register   


Marriage License Inquiry   

January 1865


Recording - Charters and Articles of Incorporation Inquiry   

January 1984


Recording - Chattel Mortgage Inquiry   

January 1984


Recording - Conveyance Inquiry (Includes Donation as of May, 1 1984.)   

January 1984

January 1984

Recording - Mortgage Inquiry (Notes as of January 1, 2016)   

January 1984

January 1984

Recording - Notarial Adoption Inquiry   

January 1984

February 1987

Recording - Notary Bonds and Other Bonds Inquiry   

January 1984

February 1987

Recording - Oaths of Office Inquiry   

January 1984

February 1987

Recording - Plats Inquiry   

January 1984


Tax Roll Inquiry   

Tax Year 1987


Traffic Inquiry   

January 1990


Select Index or Documents prior to 1984 (Recording)

January 1865

January 1865


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The Clerk of Court assumes no responsibility to the subscriber for the data stored in the computer system. The subscriber acknowledges that the original records as filed and/or indexed in the physical office location of the Clerk of Court are the official public records of Rapides Parish, Louisiana. The subscriber agrees that entry into the Clerk of Court’s system (RAPID E-Search) shall be used for inquiry and document purchasing only.


While the Clerk of Court’s Office has tried to ensure the accuracy of the online version of its public records, these indices and documents are not official. The Clerk of Court will not be responsible for any inaccuracies that may be encountered. Only the public records of Rapides Parish provided in the Rapides Parish Courthouse in Alexandria, LA shall be referenced as the Official Public Records. In any situation where the Official Public Records differs from the online version, the Official Public Records will take precedence.

The Clerk of Court disclaims any responsibility and makes no representations or warranties as to the quality, accuracy, content, or completeness of any information contained in the website. Assessing accuracy and reliability of information is the responsibility of the subscriber.

The Clerk of Court shall not be liable for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the use or misuse of the online version of the public records index and/or the documents/information contained in it. The subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Clerk of Court and anyone involved in storing, retrieving, or displaying this information for any damage of any type that may be caused by retrieving this information over the Internet.

Property descriptions and considerations in the index are intended as reference material only and to assist in finding certain acts recorded in the Clerk of Court's Office.  Property descriptions and considerations should not be used as a substitute for legal materials contained in the original documents. The Clerk of Court is not responsible for the information contained in this index except as provided for by law.

For security and analytic purposes, information about searches conducted through RAPID E-Search maybe logged. Information collected from these logs will be used to maintain and improve this service.