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Court Administrator
Hope LaFleur
Criminal Court Docket Administrator
Jann Lampert
Division A - The Honorable Monique F. Rauls
Court Reporter - Wanda Williams
Minute Clerk - Jackie Fountaine
Division B - The Honorable Lowell C. Hazel - Section 1
Court Reporter - Tara Talley
Minute Clerk - Donna Lacombe
Division C - The Honorable Mary L. Doggett - Section 2
Court Reporter - Kayrn Hale
Minute Clerk - Patricia Krig
Division D - The Honorable John C. Davidson
Court Reporter - Rhonda Ryland
Minute Clerk - Sheryl Couture
Division E - The Honorable Patricia E. Koch
Court Reporter - Carter Humphreys
Minute Clerk - Christina Gallagher
Division F - The Honorable David Michael Williams
Secretary - Amberly Porter
Court Reporter - Leona Paul
Law Clerk - Anthony Collins
Division G - The Honorable Greg Beard - Section 3
Court Reporter - Bobbie Jo Smith
Minute Clerk - Tammy Marcelle
Hearing Office - The Honorable Penny Tullos
Tammy Stewart
Ashley Williamson
Juvenile Services and F.I.N.S.
Dasha Black
Steve Fox