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The Clerk receives all deeds, mortgages and other instruments to be filed and recorded in the public records of the parish.
Conveyance records contain the following:
Deeds, exchanges, partitions, judgments recognizing heirs - instruments which transfer real property or interest/rights therein - leases (oil and gas), mineral sales, royalty deeds, rights of way and plats.

Mortgage records contain the following:
Mortgages, money judgments, liens - instruments which create an encumbrance against real estate - chattel mortgages reflect encumbrances against moveable property.
Cancellation of a mortgage record can be accomplished by the presentation of the proper instrument marked satisfied. A mortgage is usually secured by a promissory note or notes which is paraphed to identify with a particular mortgage The original note must be presented and filed to cancel the mortgage. If the note is lost or destroyed, additional steps must be taken to effect the cancellation. Lending agencies or purchasers may require a mortgage certificate before approving loans or completing a sale. The Clerk prepares a certificate which reflects any encumbrances against the property.

Uniform Commercial Code allows the Clerk and Secretary of State to record Security Interest (mortgages) against moveable property. This is a statewide network. All parishes participate.