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Important Notice
Effective July 1, 2001
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Revised Article 9 will be adopted in Louisiana effective July 1, 2001. Acceptable filing forms and filing fees have been amended as follows:

Standard UCC Filing Forms: Louisiana approved UCC-1 Financing Statement, Louisiana approved UCC-3 Amendment Form, the National Approved UCC-1 Financing Statement, and the National Approved Amendment Form. All Louisiana filing forms approved prior to July 1, 2001 will continue to be accepted as standard until January 1, 2002; however, we do encourage the use of the July 1, 2001 version of the Louisiana approved forms. Any other UCC forms will be accepted as non-standard and will be charged an additional $15.00 non-standard fee.
UCC1 - One Debtor - fees reflected below include a $5.00 prepaid termination fee
* Financing Statement
* Financing Statement with Assignment
* Financing Statement relative to "as extracted collateral" or fixture filing
* Financing Statement (Transmitting Utility)
* Financing Statement (Public Finance Transaction)
* Attachments
* Additional Debtor Names
* Non-Standard Form Fee

$2.00 each
$10.00 each
$15.00 each
UCC3 - One Debtor
* Amendment
* Continuation
* Assignment
* Debt Correction
* Master Assignment/Amendment
* Termination ($5.00 per debtor name paid at time of original filing)
* Additional Debtors Named on Original

$5.00 per financing statement
$5.00 each
UCC11 - Search
* UCC Certificate (per debtor name) (Additional $1.00 for each listing more than ten)
* Copies of Documents
* Certification of Copies

$2.00 per page
Please visit the Louisiana Secretary of State web site for updates on Revised Article 9.